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We are a result driven agency. Our speciality is media & technology innovation.

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Our Believes

Today, all over the world technology is being used to connect over shared interests and passions. They're helping each other to move forward together.

As a creative innovation agency, we transform the way brands and organisations connect with and enable people.

We create ideas that redefine communications, product and service experiences. Building brand equity by making a positive impact on people's lives.

Ideas move people.

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Our Services

We help you innovate in ways to better engage and empower people at every level of business and culture.



We can create your corporate identity including your logo, stationary, signs and so on.

Web Solutions

We can tailor-made your web solution from a simple website, on-line shop, social network to a search engine.

Mobile App Development

We can create your Progressive Web App or Native App for iOS, Android and Windows.

API Integration

We can integrate your API to your web, desktop or mobile solutions.


We can give you results on search engines, plan a market campaign, deliver your next event.


We can host your web solution and protect it from bad guys. We can host your emails too with minimal spam.

Business Process Automation

We can strategically help you to automate your business processes in order to contain costs.

IT Services/Support

We can provide full support for your IT infrastructure.

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Our Clients

No matter how big or small, our goal is to help clients make a positive impact on those to whom they owe their business.


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Contact Us

Let's discuss your business needs over a coffee.

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Our Labs

Also known as Brokenaxe Labs or in short BxLabs

We work hard in background before giving a product to our customers, thats why from day one we made sure we have a lab space in our development environment.

In 2016 we decided to Open Source some technology on GitHub.


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We don't have any vacancies at the moment.

We are always on the lookout for talent!

If you recognise yourself in being:

Surprise us and send us an open application!

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